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Nesin Mathematics, Philosophy and Art Villages, in short, Nesin Villages, is an alternative educational institution that offers young people the opportunity to produce and learn in an environment open to questioning and criticism.

These three disciplines, which are not given enough importance because they are generally thought to have no "material" value, constitute an important starting point for high school, undergraduate and graduate students to have the opportunity to work with academicians and artists who are competent in their fields, to realize themselves and to shape their dreams.

Unlike an ordinary school, Nesin Villages provides young people an experience which doesn’t contains only cultural and academical knowledge, but also includes a culture of living together, and taking responsibility without the need for authority.


Nesin Station is an initiative of those of us who have crossed paths with the Village as students, volunteers, or educators to support Nesin Villages and strengthen them with new partnerships. In order to expand our field of action, we decided to become an association in November 2020.

As Nesin Villages Association, which is Nesin Station, we have handled a few issues as priorities during this period of time. The first was the transfer of experience. We tried to transfer the experiences of the students who achieved academic success thanks to the education they received, the connections they made and the interactions they had in Nesin Villages; the young artists who are actors in the production processes inspired by the space; and the academics who provide education freely with the curriculum they created. Another was storytelling, which was connected to the common experience created by the unique atmosphere of the Village. We shared the stories of people who are a part of a collective life and production under the influence of this common space.


Aycan Şahin, Wrote for the Post of Station.

Our mission also has an economic purpose. Unfortunately, mathematics, philosophy and art education are mostly luxury activities for families who can’t afford. In addition to economic factors, there are many young people who cannot access these opportunities due to regional variations. Nesin Villages has opposed this inequality since its establishment and opened its doors to hundreds of students who couldn’t access to these opportunities. As an association, we want to maintain the same approach and contribute to equality of opportunity with our projects. We are working on projects and collaborations where young people are active subjects and will realize their ideas. We believe that a society where young people can realize themselves and have access to academic or artistic knowledge and practice will be fair and more egalitarian.

We set out to make it easier for Nesin Villages to fulfill its mission, and to support the sustainability of the place. You can follow our news on Post of Station.

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