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DevConnect İstanbul 2023, & The Station

In this session, we will be joined by Aylin Görgün, Co-founder of @busker_audio@dilara.savut, the Community Manager of @nesinistasyon; Begüm Bitir from TerminalDAO; Atalay Akpınar, Co-Founder of EKA Creative Studio and Ömer Kaya, Co-founder and CTO of FirstBatch.

Date: November 15 Time: 16:10 - 18:00

Location: bomontiada

Detailed description 👇

Turkey boasts a vibrant ecosystem of innovative start-ups that have the potential to create significant social and environmental impact. However, like in many ecosystems, bridging gaps - whether they be knowledge, resource, or network gaps - can significantly accelerate the positive change these start-ups aim to create.In this session, we aim to spotlight the role of web3 technologies in catalyzing this change and highlight five remarkable impact start-ups from the Turkish ecosystem. Through hands-on workshops, interactive discussions, and deep dives into these ventures, attendees will gain insights into the challenges and opportunities in the Turkish impact landscape and the transformative potential of web3 in addressing them.


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