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48 hours-long
film jam.

Cinema.Workshops. Şirince.
Nature. Indefiniteness.
Rush. Cut.

About Çek-Yat'21

Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam is a 48 hours-long filmmaking marathon.

As we like to call it,

the zip. format of filmmaking.

After ‘18 and ‘19, in the Çek-Yat ‘21, we invite 48 cinephiles all around Turkey to Nesin Villages and challenge them to make a short film just in 48 hours.

To shoot the short films, the subject of which will be announced in the first minute of the marathon, the participants will form teams of 6 people out of 48 people they have never met and will try to fit all stages of the filmmaking process into 48 hours.

After 48 hours it’s all jury, winners, and party!

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When we come to the glamping part of Çek-Yat, the heroes of the year are our beloved partners the Nesin Villages and the Nesin Station crew.

Nesin Villages, which has been the heart of Turkey's mathematics, art, and philosophy for years; will host the Çek-Yat ‘21 with its stone structures that softly enveloping the hill, the natural beauty of olive trees, and the friendly Nesin Station crew.

Untitled_Artwork 4.png
Nesin Station

‘Spaces of Culture’ provides spaces and resources for the realization of cultural projects within the visual and performing arts, as well as for discussion, training, and development opportunities for local institutions, cultural professionals, and community members interested in these fields. Together with partners from the Turkish and European cultural scene, this project contributes to a wide and diverse program of arts-based community exchange in the regions it covers.

We are very excited that the Çek-Yat Overnight Film Jam has been included in the list of Spaces of Culture projects this year, and we thank them for all their support.

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