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İstasyon x Okyanus Çağrı Çamcı - Collab w/ SAHA

Even during the busiest times of the village, our new project supported by SAHA, which we archived together with the villagers and Okyanus Çamçı (@okyanuscagricamci) , is brewing.

This project allows us to maintain our solitude and forms the dominant actors that constitute the identity of the space: this garden, these plants. Okyanus, who uses art as a tool for visual activism by focusing on memories, social events, ecology, and human rights violations, has been familiar with the Nesin Villages since the Art and Social Justice Program.

Last year, as a participant of the Sustainable Relationships-Zeynep Sayın Program supported by SAHA, the artist asked us questions about the village's vegetation for their final exhibition piece, and we realized we had no resources other than the memories of the villagers who planted and grew the garden.

From there, we thought of collecting oral history narratives, going on walks, taking photographs, and having Okyanus paint during this process, then compiling all these into a booklet.

Off we went again!


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