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Station x Art Village / Vol:2023

28 August 2023 - 3 September 2023

Bager Akbay holds a special place in our hearts as one of our favorite instructors. Every year, Bager organizes a unique hybrid camp named “Today's Art.” The name often spurs discussions, mirroring the camp's ever-evolving nature.

Each year brings new explorations—whether it's building autonomous machines, using large language models to craft poetry, or coding to emulate canvases.

We've been attending Bager Hoca’s art camps with enthusiasm from the begining.

The "Today's Art" program culminated with participants immersed in thought-provoking questions, unforgettable performances, and unending conversations.

Over the past two summers, this initiative has notably united members of the Station, expanded its outreach to potential affiliates, and nurtured what we affectionately term the 'Station Tradition' within the Nesin Art Village.

Under Bager Akbay's tutelage, the program unfurled a series of memorable experiences. These ranged from participant-led mini-workshops to performances rooted in technology, art, and philosophy, complemented by captivating discussions.

Throughout, attendees were prompted to think beyond traditional confines. Whether reflecting in quiet moments around a dinner table or in lively exchanges atop a mountain, the aim was to usher in fresh perspectives and insights.


This year was particularly notable as it collaborated with another art camp. Studio KAFT crafted a one-week silk printing workshop for the Village, in partnership with Bager and the Art Village.

Kaft :

Thanks to the spirit of sharing and the coziness of people, we felt at home.

On this new journey towards the village, we were very excited about the time we would spend with participants of our screen printing workshop.


For the past two summers, it has held a special place for us Station members, differentiating itself by bringing us together, reaching potential members, and creating a 'Station Tradition' as a program of Nesin Art Village.

Shaped by Bager Akbay's narration and mentorship, the program led the way for an unforgettable experience with participants' mini workshops, concerts, performances formed within the framework of movement-art-body-philosophy, and conversations that just couldn't end.

Throughout the program, participants were pushed to break free from their enclosed thinking practices within four walls, sometimes in silent contemplation at the dining table, other times talking to themselves on the top of a mountain, opening up new fields of thought.


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