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Young and independent creatives, on the one hand, try to find a place for themselves and realize themselves in the practical world where the old mentality prevails, making their choices by focusing on experience rather than potential, on the other hand, they try to find each other and create channels where they can join forces.


Gobo Collective was founded for this purpose in November 2017 by three young art students.


As the collective came together to increase production and explore the new and the better, Gobo's path was lit by the idea of ​​organizing an avant-garde filmmaking marathon.

Çek-Yat Boarding Short Film Competition, in short, Çek-Yat, a forty-eight-hour filmmaking marathon, as we like to say: the experience of making films in “.zip” format: Forty-eight contestants, who never knew each other, should make a movie matched the theme they learned in the opening speech of the first evening. To shoot the movie, they must assemble their team within forty-eight hours, plan, shoot, edit, and deliver the film in these forty-eight hours. After that, the films go to the jury evaluation and the results from the jury are announced at the closing party.

From a distance, it looks like a huge pajama party spread over a weekend, but from the inside, things are very different… The participants, in addition to experiencing collective work, crisis management, establishing an environment outside of their comfort zone, and utilizing limited opportunities, also making new friends, coworkers, partners with people from different cities and backgrounds. They also shape Çek-Yat with their contribution in the process, which removes the wall between the organizer and the participant, turning the entire event into a collective experience.

Due to the pandemic, 2020 passed without Çek-Yat and made us very sad, but 2021 swept away all our stress. Çek-Yat '21 came true with the support of Space for Culture and in partnership with Nesin Station, as the first project of the Station, in the unique architecture of Nesin Villages, with the lively and hilly streets of Şirince and the olive tree-themed natural background of the Aegean Region. When the rush-loaded, tense and dramatic hours of the Çek-Yat combined with the magical atmosphere of the Village, an experience that was quite different from the previous ones emerged.


Frankly, we observed that each Çek-Yat is more professional, advanced and comprehensive than the previous one, and we were happy about it, but none of us could have foreseen that experiencing all of these together with the Village would turn into such a magical, and in many ways, promising event.

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