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We would like to start by thanking the Post of Station and we are saying 'hello' to all of you from a warm yellow room in Asmalımescit.


As Nesin Publishing House, we are trying to expand Aziz Nesin's corpus with the materials from the vast Nesin Archive, and on the other hand, we are trying to maintain a publishing activity in line with the basic values ​​of the Nesin Foundation in the field of children's literature publishing.


Without getting bogged down in didacticism, without drowning in the obsession of fitting into the curriculum, without trying to please parents under children's literature publishing; Our aim is to be among the representatives of independent and innovative children's literature publishing approach in Turkey. We aim to be able to think like a child, to be inspired by the raw and uncensored imagination of children, and to become children. We believe that the culture we inherited from Aziz Nesin will find continuity in children's unique and spontaneous sense of humor

We are taking risks, we have to.

In the presence of approaches with censorship on the one hand and tiptoeing around the child on the other, we want children to see and touch in accordance with current pedagogical approaches. We aim to cross their paths with reality, life, the street, and the social, we take the responsibility and lucky us, we are getting rewarded for our efforts


We are a small team. We are happy with it. We believe in collective production, we become each other's eyes, ears, and minds, sometimes we work as one, and sometimes we criticize each other fiercely.


We think that this group dynamic is what makes us the Nesin Publishing House on the long process road from the book selection to the printing house. We are small but our dreams are big, we love this contrast; We will continue to stand behind this claim that makes us adventurous.

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In 2022, we will continue to produce on topics such as climate justice, gender, solidarity and co-creation, on the one hand, bringing classical texts together with contemporary illustrators, and on the other hand, publishing books which we have established pioneering author/artist relations.


Not to brag, the fact that our books are getting more and more attention abroad is one of the things that excites and motivates us the most these days...


We will continue to give good news and announce new projects.


Good bye!

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