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 In the bulletin, we thought that there should be the foundation and the children as well, and we wanted to get a little closer to their lives through their eyes. After this beginning, maybe they will always be with us, and we will witness their growth together! Now they have the word:


Safiye and Sibel, two of the elder children of the Foundation, say that Nesin Foundation is a huge family, and children are the biggest part of this family.

Our youngest is five years old, and the eldest are going to university. There is no certain age limit for leaving the Foundation. Nesin Foundation supports its children until they can stand on their own feet - like every family does... The Foundation aims to raise children who produce more than they consume. Children take part in many agricultural activities, from growing flowers to growing vegetables.


Ela starts talking “I'm Ela! There is a huge library here and there are lots of, lots of books.


Some of these books are educational, there are many more. And we have the foundation's study room, great hall, television room, floors, and rooms. Everyone here, older or younger, are brothers and sisters. There are eight older sisters working here. Books I've read: Swan Lake, Unicorn Valley.”

Mehmet Ali, on the other hand, says that they do very good things in the foundation and adds:


Some things might be bad - swimming for example, I know how to swim, but I'm afraid. But I'm having a great time. That's why I'm very happy. I'm glad I came to the foundation!

Evrim's favorite place in the foundation is the ceramic workshop:


 In the ceramics workshop, I made cups, plates, butterflies, and hearts from ceramics. Of course, Süleyman helps us in the ceramic workshop.

Nurcan describes a meeting they held at the foundation:


One day we had a meeting.

At this meeting, the circus started to come to the fore. From that day on, we started making circuses.


We do a circus every Thursday, we can walk on barrels. There are many rooms in the Nesin Foundation. It will take days to count. Actually, this place is so beautiful. We are family, but we never forget our responsibilities. There are a lot of sisters here. There are a lot of trees in the foundation. Do you want to know what happened one day? The weather was very wild, a tree was broken when we got up in the morning. That is all I say.


Nurcan loves the pool very much, she starts to talk again:

What Are We Doing in The Pool?

-We're doing great things in the pool. Maybe you would enjoy it.

-We're diving, we're jumping, it's so nice.

-But sometimes I'm afraid.

-People have a fear of drowning. That's why I'm so afraid. This time, everyone will enter the pool.

-We do somersaults, it's a lot of fun. Finally, we do the cleaning.

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